Hi I’m Sam

I’m a designer and entrepreneur living in Phoenix, AZ. I spent the last 7.5 years in startup land, launching and running MistoBox, a coffee subscription company. Startup life was freaking STRESSFUL, so I sold my shares and started down a path to find my calling… still haven’t found it. 


The issue isn’t that I have no idea what I want to do. It’s that I have too many ideas! I’m passionate about mental health, about every kind of design (interiors, web, brand), DIY, business, vintage treasure-finding, experience creation.

So I’m dipping the proverbial toe in lots of things to see what I’m good at and what I actually like doing. Right now, I’m working on renovating Sun Moon House to create a desert retreat Airbnb.

I have a little time before I have to figure it out, so for better or worse, I’ll be sharing the journey with you.⁠ Thanks for following along.

You can find me at @samantha_meis.


xx Sam